Internship Diary Part 3

8 AWESOME Things:


8. I took a week off from my internships in August to travel to Nicaragua to show kindness and love to the people there, and tell them why I am living my life to glorify God. It was beautiful, heartbreaking, tiring, and difficult, but a wonderful experience that I am thankful to have been a part of. AWESOME.

Downtown Doodles

7. I’ve been adventuring all around town meeting friends and discovering new places. I’m not home a lot, I spend most of my Mondays-Thursdays Downtown Jacksonville, but am loving every minute of it! AWESOME!

Florida Theatre Ghost

6. You can still find me at The Florida Theatre (FT) a few days a week. Sometimes I’ll be leading tours (which are pretty entertaining and you can go on a FREE one during Art Walk which is the first Wednesday of every month from 5pm-9pm), sometimes I’ll be filling in for the Administrative Assistant, and sometimes I’ll be helping out our super Director of Development, Holly Hammond, our fun Membership Manager, Lorin Thies, and our awesome new Marketing Director, Kathryn Wills, with projects and proofreading. I’m adding tools to my life-toolbox everyday thanks to these great ladies, and my current big project is developing the first ever donor outcomes postcard that will go out to all of our Friends of the Florida Theatre. I mentioned the project in my last internship diary and I am excited to report that it is almost ready to head to the printer. I can’t wait! AWESOME!

Downtown Is On Fire!

5. After 18 credit hours in the Spring and a whirlwind of a Summer schedule, I’m finally trying to get back into a healthy mental and physical groove. In my effort, I’ve come to this conclusion:

Things I can’t do: Run a half marathon every November, eat salads every day, get 8 good hours of sleep every night, spend quality time with friends and family every week, finish every assignment on time, please every body.

Things I can do: Make wise decisions, learn from my mistakes and grow stronger, work with what time/energy/resources I’ve been given, remind myself to relinquish vanity and pride, keep Colossians 3:17, and Hebrews 12:14, and Romans 8 in focus.


Lemon Water and Data Entry

4. I was granted the fabulous opportunity to intern with the rock stars over at Downtown Vision, Inc. and with that job has come MUCH construction. The first blog proposal I ever presented to my supervisor and the brilliant Communications Coordinator at DVI, Sarah Henderson, she returned it to me completely covered in red. For quite some time I’ve been working on the very difficult task of NOT taking things personally and instead look at criticism as something helpful; I looked at this bloody sheet of paper also known as a blog post and was instantly thankful to be under the supervision of such a knowledgeable supervisor. That first blog post was a piece for Jacksonville’s Eat Up Downtown and it was super fun to investigate and write about. I also discovered one of my new favorite foods: Tom Kha Gai soup! AWESOME!

Sara Bateh

(3 and a half). Speaking of blogging..remember my blog post on Benny’s for Dr. Carstens’ cool news writing class last Spring? Wellll…..I re-wrote it for the DVI blog and as of this morning it looks like one of the most successful narrative personal interest stories on the blog! 286 shares and counting! AWESOME!

Rain in the River City

3. Working in Downtown Jacksonville right in the middle of the Dog Day season is typically hotter than hot (which is, yes, ice cold) but lately we’ve been experiencing some pretty torrential downpours. My response to the flood-like conditions? Wearing my umbrella flats (a wonderful gift from my beautiful mom), and calling for umbrella escorts from the INCREDIBLE Downtown Ambassadors, (a wonderful gift from Downtown Vision, Inc.!). AWESOME!

Art Walk Chalkboards

2. So…I guess I’m a professional chalk board maker or something now. Now, it’s not Danger Dust quality or anything, but I have tons of fun creatively illustrating these info boards and I love contributing some of my own ‘art’ to Art Walk! (I also love getting to incorporate FT things into DVI things! See if you can spot the secret FT ad!) AWESOME!

Discover Downtown

1. When December 2014 comes, I will have one more class to complete before I obtain my Bachelor’s degree in #concomms. While I absolutely adore my school, my internships, my city, and the opportunities God has given me here, I’m excited to report that I will be applying to grad school with hopes of beginning a Masters of Communications program in the Fall of 2015. I have multiple deadlines to submit letters of intent to the University of Florida, University of Central Florida, and Florida State University, so hopefully someone will accept me! I’m excited to continue my education and I’m thankful for my hunger for knowledge and excellence. In the Fall of 2013, I had NO IDEA that I’d be where I am today and I absolutely cannot wait to see where I’ll be a year from now! Hopefully it will be somewhere AWESOME!!! 🙂

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