The Road to Grad School Part 1

Some (not so) Short & Sweet Highlights

  • My schedule is a little lighter this semester and I have been able to spend a lot more time focusing on my health, keeping up with laundry and cleaning, and visiting with friends and loved ones. I am beyond thankful.
  • I have gone through three semesters now without a laptop. It’s difficult to be a frequent and consistent practitioner of Converged Communications with this limitation, hence why I have not posted an update in quite some time.
  • I am in my final semester of my Bachelor’s degree in #ConComms and I will graduate this coming May. HOORAY!
  • Though I have ended my time interning at Downtown Vision, Inc., I am still volunteering at various Downtown Jacksonville events as well as The Florida Theatre. I will continue to serve alongside the development, marketing, and special events directors at the theatre until the May gala when I will have been with them for exactly one year. I love working at the theatre and I love learning so much! 🙂
  • I am applying to graduate school to study under the umbrella of Integrated Marketing Communication and hopefully this will lead to obtaining my Master’s degree in Strategic Communication. Excelling in this field comes quite naturally for me and working within this area is fun and exciting everyday. It doesn’t hurt that almost every company, business, organization, and politician needs gifted strategic communicators! 🙂
  • I have been preparing to take the GRE for quite some time now and I will finally sit down for four hours tomorrow and try my hardest to prove my competency! Yikes! (The GRE is to graduate school what the SAT/ACT is to college. It covers writing, verbal comprehension, and math.)
  • I am working on my personal statement for graduate school and am being mentored along by FSCJ’s wonderful Rawlslyn Francis! I am also working with a talented friend on a secret little project to submit along with my application that will hopefully set me a part from the other applicants. My application is due March 1 and I will try my hardest to convey that I am a hard working leader with fresh, creative, and bright ideas-a perfect candidate for this particular graduate program.
  • I started up a Converged Communications Club at FSCJ at the beginning of December 2014 and have been working diligently on getting it up and running. FSCJ has extremely talented and wonderful students in the program and I’m thankful to have such a great team to work with. The purpose of the club will be for networking and learning for current students and alumni and I’m excited to think of the potential of this club to have a positive social, academic, and professional impact on other converged communicators and myself. #ConComms!!! 🙂
  • After much deliberation, I deleted my Twitter and Instagram for a few reasons that can be summed up as: 1) I have already proven to myself that I know how to drive these vehicles and can create and curate appropriate content for them (on a professional/academic level) and 2) I’m tired of being tempted (on a personal level) with ugly things like pride and jealousy. There ya go. 🙂
  • Along with all the excitement that the past few months have brought, the underlying theme for all of it has been growth. At a season of life where a lot of my peers are engaged/married, starting families, and beginning careers, it is tempting to compare myself and feel inadequate or even sometimes pathetic, but I am continually reminded that as long as I am living a life that focuses on the work of the Lord, my days are not in vain. Continually remembering His grace and plan for me and keeping a biblical perspective on life is what is motivating me to work hard to be the humble, adventurous, tough, smart, fun, simple, honest, and Godly woman I want to be. Though bitter days happen, life is so sweet and I want to savor it. I don’t want to be in a hurry. I wrote this note in a journal on New Years Day, and I think these might be the simplest and smartest words I have ever strung together: “I am 23, the year is 2015, and my goal is to keep growing and living in a way that shows my God I am thankful for this life He has given me. Life is short and I do not want to waste my time.”
  • So… for now… hopefully I do well on the GRE tomorrow and hopefully I am accepted into graduate school, but if not…  hopefully on New Years Day 2016 I can at least look back and smile at a year that was even more full and free and wonderful than 2014. 🙂
  • UPDATE 1.30.2015: I PASSED!!!! FSU HERE I COME!!!!!! (Hopefully! Hehe!) 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Road to Grad School Part 1

  1. So this is where you have been hiding. I have missed keeping up with your activities. Congratulations on finishing your first degree and making plans for another. I am so proud of you and the choices you have made. Good luck on the GRE. I thought I had a decent vocabulary until I took it. If you have not taken Latin, familiarize yourself with Latin prefixes and suffixes.

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