Hi there!


My name is Amy Elizabeth Pittman; my mom calls me Amelia.

I’m from the most endearing water-tower town in Jacksonville, Florida: Baldwin.

I’m mostly an ESFJ and I am very passionate about my purpose in life: loving God and loving people.

I’m a self-proclaimed Strategic Corporate Communications Rockstar at Florida State College at Jacksonville. I absolutely love writing, taking pictures with my iPhone, and adventuring all around Northeast Florida. Outside of school, I spend time working with children, singing and playing the harmonica in my old high school folk bandserving the homeless, and hanging out with my sister. When I grow up I want to be a hot wife, a fun-loving mom, and a children’s book author and illustrator.

A great childhood memory I have is when my favorite English teacher, Mrs. Marsha Reeves, introduced me to the novel So B. It by Sarah Weeks. Every other day for a few months she narrated the story perfectly to our 7th grade English class. It is a completely magical and irresistibly beautiful story and every time I re-read it I can hear Mrs. Reeves saying ‘Jujy Fruits’ with a thick nasal-y Southern accent and it makes me smile with teary eyes.

I am most happy when the people who I love are happy.

Also: when I have the opportunity to take a Sunday afternoon nap.

I am most upset when people are dishonest/unkind/think they know everything there is to know about everything.

Also: when my lips are chapped and my toes are cold.

My idea of a fun day is a warm outdoor adventure with people who I love and some delicious watermelon.

I am probably too familiar with all things regarding the movie ‘You’ve Got Mail’ and overalls. 🙂

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