Amy E. Pittman

Statement of Purpose

Thank you notes, children’s books, journal entries, and 140 character tweets − I have spent the majority of my life turning my ideas into words and fashioning those words into messages and stories. From the outset of my higher education, I wanted to share my love of words and I knew I wanted to teach young children and be a performer, but when I received my associate’s degree, I felt unsatisfied with the potential career opportunities that followed studying Elementary Education and Musical Theatre. Discovering that my ability to write and creatively approach projects could translate into more exciting career opportunities, I enrolled in the Converged Communications program at Florida State College at Jacksonville. Each course in my undergraduate program has reinforced my desire to continue my education at Florida State University and pursue a career in integrated marketing communication because I know that when I work within my strengths and blend my passions and natural talents, I will not only leave a legacy of success, but I will also be most fulfilled in the future.

The collective research and interests of the Florida State University faculty − specifically that of Dr. Jay Rayburn on the effects of new technologies, Dr. Felipe Korzenny on integrated brand experience, and Dr. John Dubard on project management − reflect my professional interests. Having explored transmedia spread in contemporary society, I know I can bring refreshing research ideas to the Integrated Marketing Communication program. I also want to continue to investigate how social media, especially Instagram’s visual-forward platform, is used by businesses for awareness, engagement, and growth. I would love to collaborate and learn from any of the aforementioned faculty members as I build upon my understanding of these topics.

It has been a joy to learn about the many facets of communications as well as how the Internet and social media have drastically changed today’s society. Taking advantage of the cutting edge educational opportunities that FSC J has offered, I have learned all of the necessary knowledge it will take to create and carry out strategic communications plans for a variety of non-profit and for-profit businesses via marketing and advertising, event planning, collateral composition/writing, public relations, digital media including photography/cinematography, and branding.

My particular enjoyment of branding has impacted my entire undergraduate portfolio, as did my volunteer work in Jacksonville. In January of 2012, I was a volunteer at the non-profit City Rescue Mission as a tutor for the homeless and those in recovery for addiction; the following year, I volunteered at One Spark, an international crowdfunding festival where I learned how small businesses and entrepreneurs are great assets to the local community. Through these experiences, I have become proud of my city and interested in its development, which led to the cultivation of an academic portfolio that had an underlying theme of all things Jacksonville. I branded myself as “Jacksonville Amy” over social media platforms by blogging, tweeting, and Instagramming my social adventures, academic projects, in volunteer work that dealt with my city. Not only did my social media profiles become popular local repositories for the inside scoop on Jacksonville, this intentional networking also lead to internships with two of Downtown Jacksonville’s most highly regarded nonprofit organizations: The Florida Theatre Performing Arts Center, Inc. and Downtown Vision, Inc.

Working hand-in-hand with the directors of development, marketing, and communications at both organizations, my classroom knowledge was tested and refined. As an intern, I attended/investigated local social happenings and wrote news and lifestyle blog articles, designed advertisements and posters, photographed and filmed events, and developed and posted content for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. My internships have been a joy and have helped me to learn the importance of networking and business organization, and they also allowed me to gain experience in project management and collaboration.

By strengthening my communication skills and obtaining graduate-level experience through the Integrated Marketing Communication Master’s program, I am confident that I would be able to achieve my goals of entrepreneurship in the communications field. When I earn a graduate degree, my short-term goals include working in the field as a social media manager for an exciting and innovative business, which I hope will further equip me with the skills to eventually establish my own independent communications business.

The ambitions I have are a direct effect of being a first-generation college graduate from a small country town and independently supporting myself throughout my college career. Even through difficult family, financial, and health issues, my dreams have been a driving force and incentive to work hard and continually learn. If awarded the opportunity to be a Florida State Seminole and continue my education, I am sure that I would bring pride and honor to the university by excelling academically as well as by active involvement with and dedication to assisting with the curation of the CCI social media accounts and the Leave Your Legacy blog, if the opportunities arise.

I am pleased to write and submit this application for FSU’s Integrated Marketing Communication master’s degree program, and I am confident that my well-rounded leadership, independence, and creativity will help me to leave a meaningful legacy in the communications world.


-Is my opening interesting/creative but also the same professional? Do I need to be more poetic or more formal? Did I tie it in well with the conclusion?
– Are there any lame cliché statements that do not fit the style of the letter? Are any of my phrases too generic? Where can I expand? Are any of my details unnecessary? Where can I trim?
-Is the letter interesting? Is it insightful?
-Did I address my not-so-good grades in a way that is short and sweet but alludes to maturity and overcoming obstacles? -How is my verb tense throughout? Does it switch around?
-Is the mentioning of the program several times in a formal way (Florida State University as opposed to FSU) bad or good? Is it redundant? Do I have any redundant statements that need to be omitted?
-Is there anything random that is just way out of left field and crazy?
-How is my cause-effect flow? Are there any gaps or things that don’t make sense?

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