Internship Diary Part 3

8 AWESOME Things: 8. I took a week off from my internships in August to travel to Nicaragua to show kindness and love to the people there, and tell them why I am living my life to glorify God. It … Continue reading

News Article Sample: The Karpeles Museum

A Treasure in Springfield

“It’s the only place in Jacksonville that haunts, entertains, teaches, mesmerizes, and delights me all at the same time.”

Gloria pauses for a long time after she gives this description and gazes up at the few clouds hanging in the sky, obviously envisioning images from her memory that she can’t possibly begin to justly describe. Thin and dressed in various shades of black with the exception of thick green woolen socks poking out of her scuffed loafers, her face shows that she has lived a long but careful life and it is framed by a soft black winter hat and medium length grey hair. Her 60 year old eyes look excited for our interview where she can bear to me the beautiful details of her beloved home for 4 days a week and 7 hours a day, The Karpeles Manuscript Museum.

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My Jacksonville is Beautiful


My Jacksonville is beautiful.
On the East coast, the beaches are thick with surfers and rednecks during the days and weekends, and crawling with romantics and the residentially challenged at night.
The deep Westside suburb of Baldwin, where I have grown up, hosts a hundred mossy pecan trees and haunting southern plantation homes.
The hidden marshlands near the North give a full taste of the beautiful Everglades.
Downtown, the smell in the air is a mixture of salt water and Maxwell House Coffee, and the skyline feels reminiscent of Bruce Wayne’s Gotham City.
Bursting with delicious dining, beautiful libraries and museums, sports and entertainment for every day of the week, this city is anything but boring.
Diverse in community and eclectic in culture, my Jacksonville is beautiful.

-Jacksonville Amy