Internship Diary Part 3

8 AWESOME Things: 8. I took a week off from my internships in August to travel to Nicaragua to show kindness and love to the people there, and tell them why I am living my life to glorify God. It … Continue reading

Directed Writing Research Paper: Snapchat

SnapChat of SnapChat

Snap Chat

The Fun and the Fleeting

Controversial apps are nothing new. From male-objectifying on Lulu, to rating your marijuana on Leafly, today’s generation knows that there is an app for literally everything, no matter how inappropriate. When Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel and his friends from Stanford invented a smart phone app that allows users to send pictures and videos to each other that self-destruct after no more than 10 seconds, their intentions were tentative. Spiegel and his partners probably never could have predicted that one day, national Newsweek correspondent Winston Ross would report, “Snapchat users are now sending 350 million images to one another every day, up from 200 million in June and 20 million a year ago. Be it safe, be it foolhardy, Snapchat appears to be on fire” (Ross, 2013).

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