Internship Diary Part 2


“This year, over 1,000 artists, performers, and entertainers used our stage to tell their story. This year, we were able to use your support to continue to tell ours.” This year, the opportunity to intern at the Florida Theatre in the heart of downtown Jacksonville has been an incredible chapter in my story.

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News Article Sample: The Karpeles Museum

A Treasure in Springfield

“It’s the only place in Jacksonville that haunts, entertains, teaches, mesmerizes, and delights me all at the same time.”

Gloria pauses for a long time after she gives this description and gazes up at the few clouds hanging in the sky, obviously envisioning images from her memory that she can’t possibly begin to justly describe. Thin and dressed in various shades of black with the exception of thick green woolen socks poking out of her scuffed loafers, her face shows that she has lived a long but careful life and it is framed by a soft black winter hat and medium length grey hair. Her 60 year old eyes look excited for our interview where she can bear to me the beautiful details of her beloved home for 4 days a week and 7 hours a day, The Karpeles Manuscript Museum.

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International Business Case Study: Royal Dutch Petroleum

The Shell/Ogoni Injustice 

Royal Dutch Petroleum, most commonly known as the world’s second largest oil company- Shell, has been pumping oil out of Nigeria since 1958 (Center, 2013). The Ogoni people are estimated to have been established as a people group in southeast Nigeria since at least 15 BC (Joshua, 2013). The human rights violations of Shell towards the Ogoni people is horrifically brutal, crookedly unfair, and very real. Some people and organizations around the world are aware of the situation between Shell and the Ogoni people and are taking action; for the uninformed-action will come when they are educated on the issue, and provided with ways to combat it.

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Directed Writing Research Paper: Snapchat

SnapChat of SnapChat

Snap Chat

The Fun and the Fleeting

Controversial apps are nothing new. From male-objectifying on Lulu, to rating your marijuana on Leafly, today’s generation knows that there is an app for literally everything, no matter how inappropriate. When Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel and his friends from Stanford invented a smart phone app that allows users to send pictures and videos to each other that self-destruct after no more than 10 seconds, their intentions were tentative. Spiegel and his partners probably never could have predicted that one day, national Newsweek correspondent Winston Ross would report, “Snapchat users are now sending 350 million images to one another every day, up from 200 million in June and 20 million a year ago. Be it safe, be it foolhardy, Snapchat appears to be on fire” (Ross, 2013).

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Public Relations Case Study: Seaworld vs. Blackfish

Was the 2013 film ‘Blackfish’ an investigative documentary or inaccurate and dishonest?

In July 2010, the fitness/travel/outdoor adventure magazine Outside published an in-depth research article written by Tim Zimmerman regarding the events surrounding the sudden death of SeaWorld Trainer Dawn Brancheau. The article, entitled ‘The Killer in the Pool’, discussed how and possibly why Brancheau was aggressively attacked and killed by the whale Tilikum in late February of 2010 (Zimmerman, 2010). The 8,000+ word exposition sparked a fiery passion within one independent filmmaker and has led to a complete public relations inferno for SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment.

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